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standoff insulator&other insulation products' production line is independently researched and developed with reliable quality.

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detect the relevant data of the standoff insulator&other insulation products with precision detectors.

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At present, we serve customers in more than 10 countries, comply with local laws and regulations, and can provide corresponding products and services for local customers
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Experienced Creating Efficient insualtion products for decades

As a supplier of insulation accessories, we provide stable quality and qualified insulators and other insulation parts for 5G communication equipment, high-speed rail, robots, solar energy, electric vehicles, and other manufacturers. Our company has a self-developed SRM system that records incoming material inspection, first inspection, shipment inspection, and other links. The conclusion can be judged automatically, significantly reducing the probability of error. Each batch of products can be located on the production staff, production parameters, and other production conditions to ensure the traceability of products. In the production process, our company has developed several sets of production tooling and equipment to prevent employees from being idle, reduce the error probability of employees, and improve production efficiency. Meanwhile, quality testing tooling and equipment have been developed to reduce test errors and achieve clients ‘zero defect’plan.

Zhejiang Flyaford Electron Co., Ltd, located in Jinhua, Zhejiang, has worked in the insulator industry for more than 14 years and has focused on insulator and relative product development, production, and sales, aiming to become a global company.

As an alternative to natural timber decking/wall cladding, composite Decking is fast taking over from the traditional wooden type decking. It offers a better and more contemporary choice for outdoor building material in the market.

“Innovation is a breakthrough that can make success. Flyaford has 11 registered patents and 5 authorized utility models. We are aiming to create a smarter workshop.”
Integrity and innovation are the soul and spirit!
All our products have completed test verification and comply with international standards.
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